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How Funding is Allocated to Local Colleges

Further Education Colleges receive an annual budget from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) or Education Funding Agency (EFA) which funds the majority of the mainstream courses offered to young people and where needed, funding to pay for additional support for young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN). If a young person requires additional support over and above that normally available in college, the college must fund the first £6,000 from their normal budget. If, however, the additional cost is higher than £6,000 then the college can apply to the local authority for top-up funding. The top-up will be paid from the centrally retained resource held by the local authority for that purpose. It is for individual colleges to determine how to appropriately meet a young person’s needs so they will carry out an assessment as part of the college application process. If the cost of the support identified at that assessment exceeds the £6,000 threshold then the local authority may provide the additional money. '''Colleges do charge fees for some provision, so if a young person wishes to start a course when they are 19 years old, or older, it is important that they talk to colleges about fees and travel arrangements.''' '''Checked: 06/01/2016'''

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