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Young people's engagement in Hampshire

Hampshire County Council has been working with YPEG (Young People's Engagement Group - KIDS) and the SAY Group (HARG) on a number of really important pieces of work.

If you would like to give your thoughts to Hampshire County Council you can do this by filling in the form on this page 'Contact us'  or sending an email to 


Hampshire's Local Offer for young people

YPEG helped co-produce the design and functionality of Hampshire's Local Offer web pages as well as suggesting content that could be added. 

You can see the video of one of the early activities for this piece of work, above.

The Council for Disabled Children's case study report of this can be found here: Hampshire Local Offer – Engaging Young People in Improving Web Design

More recent feedback can be reviewed as a download document.

Post 16 provision - strategy development

A number of young people from Hampshire colleges, schools, YPEG and SAY Group participated in a "post 16 provision" questionnaire looking at the four Preparation for Adulthood outcomes - employment, health, community inclusion and independent living.

The YPEG and SAY Group members helped to summarise the key findings from the results and presented these findings to Hampshire County Council management by way of an excellent presentation, which was produced by one of the YPEG members.

Further information can be found on this page:Young people participating - Post 16 Strategy development

Participation and Engagement Strategy for children and young people in Hampshire

Thanks to the feedback from YPEG, Hampshire County Council were able to understand why participation is really important for young people.

YPEG members produced a draft plan of the design and content for a participation and engagement strategy for children and young people in Hampshire.

Hampshire County Council is working with key partners to ensure that the content highlighted in the work above is included in this new design.

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