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School Trips

School trips are meant to be a lot of fun and play their part in growing a child’s independence, however they can be a source of a lot of anxiety for both child and parents.

To some parents it can seem that the school is under-estimating the support needs of their child or in other cases that the school is over-estimating what is required to enable their child to attend.

Schools and parents need to work closely together to work out what is needed for the child to full participate in the trip along with their peers. Schools will do risk assessments for trips so ask to see any risk assessment that relates to your child and work together on reasonable adjustments to lower possible risks.

The Health and Safety Executive has produced guidance on School Trips: Education: health and safety in schools, further and higher education (

Checked: 21/06/2016


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Page last reviewed: 20/11/2023

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