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Reiki is well known as a healing practice, and as such is not a ‘therapy’, however receiving Reiki can be a comforting, relaxing and energising experience.

During a Reiki session a practitioner places their hands on or near a person’s body for the purposes of healing, normally in a number of set positions around the body. The child remains fully clothed, and can sit or lie down, as they prefer, with the parent present.

People receiving Reiki often feel a warmth or tingling sensation where the hands are placed. The overall effect ,however, can be a bit like refuelling, or plugging back into the mains when energy levels are low. It can also re-balance a system that has got a bit out of kilter and help the child gain a sense of reconnection.

Although little research has been conducted in this area to support Reiki’s therapeutic value beyond relaxation, it is intended to reduce stress, enhance a state of calmness and well-being, improve mental clarity, and promote healing.





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