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Moving to Higher Education

Higher education is the next step on from further education.

This involves studying at a university or a college and working towards one of a range of qualifications such as a degree, a foundation degree, or a diploma/certificate of higher education.

When you move to higher education your EHCP will cease.

Universities and colleges are increasingly aware of the needs of students with disabilities and students with specific learning difficulties. They can provide support in a number of ways – and you may be able to get extra financial help.

There's a lot to consider if you're planning to go into higher education, and as a student with disabilities you'll need to give plenty of thought to:

* where to study

* the support you may need while studying

* support with day-to-day living

* money and funding such as Disabled Support Allowances (DSA)

There's plenty of useful information on all aspects of student life available through Skill: the National Bureau for Students with Disabilities.

Skill also runs a free helpline: phone 0800 328 5050.

UCAS have produced some videos for students with disabilities on how to apply for support and how your universities can help.

They also have a series of useful checklists and tips.

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