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Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG)

What are they?

Disabled facilities grants can help people live more comfortable and continue to live in their own home.

What are they for?

Disabled facilities grants can be for a wide range of adaptations to your home such as:

  • Improving access to the property
  • Widening doorways
  • Providing an additional room in the property for the use of the disabled person
  • Installing stair lifts
  • Enabling a disabled persons access to , or providing a room in which there is a lavatory, bath or shower and wash–hand basin, or enabling the use of any of these

A disabled facilities grant for a private property is dealt with by your district council.

How can I access a Disabled Facilities Grant?

You will need to be 'referred' by an Occupational Therapist (OT). Hampshire County Council's Occupational Therapy Service can be contacted on 0300 555 1378.

For children - contact 0300 555 1384, and see related services below.

You can apply for a disabled facilities grant if you own your own home, rent or live with your family. There is a limit of £30,000 per application.

If your adaptations cost more than that, you will need to find the additional money yourself.

How do i find more information?

We have a more detailed advice page about how the scheme works in Hampshire.

Follow the 'helpful links' below for further national guidance.


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Page last reviewed: 14/07/2023

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