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FLARE's "Equal Pay for Equal Work" campaign

FLARE, the young people's advisory group to the Department for Education, are taking to social media to talk about a matter that they have identified as important. This time, they are addressing the issue of Equal Pay for Equal Work.

FLARE members (young disabled people aged 14 – 25) chose the topic themselves as a key area where progress needs to be made, and all the campaign content comes directly from them. This campaign looks at how and why people with disabilities struggle to access work, and why they are paid less when they do manage to access it. Our FLARE members decided to focus on barriers in particular, with a specific focus on the attitudes of employers and their fellow employees.

Posts will be coming out all week from the CDC Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as from KIDS, and NCB organisations. Keep an eye on these accounts, and please share, like/favourite and reply with your own thoughts!

You can follow the hashtag, #PayMeRight, or follow our pages. Below are the links to some of the twitter and facebook accounts that will be active during the social media week:

MOH Twitter
CDC Twitter
KIDS Twitter
CDC Facebook

Please take a moment to find out what these young people have to say!

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