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Makaton in Early Years

Makaton is a language programme using speech, signs and symbols which provides basic communication and everyday vocabulary which helps to develop language and literacy skills.

Using Makaton helps adults and children who may have communication difficulties to develop their basic communication skills. These basic skills are necessary before spoken or signed communication can progress and include the early skills.

We encourage the early years service (pre-school, nursery, childminder) to become a Makaton signing environment.

We expect the service to identify and nominate a Makaton champion who will continue to develop their signing skills and will encourage the use of Makaton signing, symbols and nursery rhymes on a daily basis within their service.

Parents and carers wanting to learn Makaton in Hampshire can also find training courses by contacting their local college or library, or on The Makaton Charity website.



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Page last reviewed: 28/04/2017

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