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Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)


Picture Exchange Communication System or PECS as it is known,  is a method of communication that was originally developed to help pre-school children with Autism communicate with their families and teachers.

This quote is from a parent:

"As a parent, learning your child doesn’t have the ability to speak, for whatever reason, is heartbreaking. Seeing them struggle day in and day out to communicate their very basic needs causes every maternal bone in your body to ache.

"At three, when my son’s speech wasn’t developing, I knew I needed to find a way to help.

''From a parental point of view, PECS gave me a sense of focus. A clear idea of how I could help my son.

"For him, it’s given so much more. PECs has allowed him to find his voice, to communicate his desires, his needs, his feelings and to break down the barrier that was stopping him from playing with his family and making friends. PECS has played a large part in bringing his voice to the fore.''


Parent of child with ASD, Salisbury.


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