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SEN Banding Framework

Hampshire County Council is changing the way top-up funding is allocated to deliver the provision in Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) for young people who attend a mainstream school.

Following a public consultation, the County Council will be implementing an SEN Banding Framework which will replace the current system of allocating top-up funding.  The new funding model will see top-up funding allocated against a set of defined bands in the SEN Banding Framework Document.

Further details of how the SEN Banding Framework will work can be found here.

The SEN Banding Framework is designed to support schools by describing and promoting a wide and flexible range of provision and strategies across the full spectrum of SEN EHCP provision and enables schools to implement Section F of an EHCP.

The SEN Banding Framework functions alongside the SEN support document for ordinarily available provision, and the work being undertaken by the SEN Service to improve the quality of EHCPs.

When producing an Education Health and Care Plan, the County Council will robustly determine which band value is the best to meet the needs and provision in the EHCP. The band values are set against descriptions of need and provision specified within the new SEN Banding Framework document.  Top-up funding will be allocated on this basis.

EHC Needs Assessments will be carried out under the framework from April 2021. It is expected that EHCPs will be produced from September 2021 onwards with top-up funding allocated using the banding model.

Existing EHCPs will continue to be funded under the existing model, with a phased approach to moving to the new framework over a number of years.

Over the coming weeks and months, a range of training and support materials will be made available to support schools and parents to understand and implement the new framework. Details of these will be available on the Local Offer. It will also be communicated through schools and through the Hampshire Parent Carer Network.

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