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Post-16 Transport

Please find the information relating to Post-16 transport assistance.


Eligibility criteria

We only provide transport where it is necessary to facilitate attendance.

The eligibility criteria states that students must have an EHCP, the college named must be the ‘nearest/most appropriate placement’ and they must live over three miles from the college.

The student/applicant must also be able to demonstrate that they would not be able to attend their placement without assistance provided by the LA and could not access college by any other means.

Financial contribution

When the County Council provides a Post 16 transport service it maybe subject to an annual parental contribution based on the table below. It is an annual contribution that is not varied based on individual students’ timetables

From September 2019 the cost will be decided by applying the following charging schedule: 

Distance to travel

Annual charge

Up to 5 miles


5.01 miles to 7.5 miles


7.51 miles to 10 miles


Over 10 miles


Additional information and removal of the Exceptional Circumstances Form

We will no longer be asking parents to fill out an exceptional circumstances form. This information is now requested when completing the form.

We will be asking a parent/guardian to provide additional evidence if they are stating that their child would not be able to use a bus, train; or that they would not be able to walk to college; or that the parent/guardian would not be able to accompany the student or take them to and from college.

Two hour rule

Since September 2018 we no longer provide college transport based around a ‘2 hour rule’.

Previously, where there was more than one student on a route and timetables did not match we provided separate transport if any student would have to wait more than 2 hours for another on board.

Since September 2018 we only provide one journey in and one journey home for all the students on a route, irrespective of their timetable and their course.

New Post 16 Transport Policy

A copy of the new Post-16 Transport policy can be found on the external links on this page.


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Page last reviewed: 05/06/2023

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