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Safe places

Safe Place is a scheme to help you if you get lost, scared or upset when you are out on your own.

The Safer Places scheme is to help people when they go out. Sometimes when you go out things can happen and you may need help but there is no one around to ask.   You might have lost your bus pass or someone has been unkind and you feel upset and afraid.  A Safe Place is somewhere you can go to for help if this ever happens to you.

A ‘Safer Place’ is an ordinary business or shop that has agreed to offer support if someone has a negative experience when out in their local community.

Where are the Safe Places?  Safer Places is running in Winchester, Bishops Waltham and Alresford as well as in other parts of Hampshire.   Safe Places have a sticker in the window or have the logo displayed to let you know they are a Safe Place.


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