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Employability skills

Employability Skills are key skills that you need to be able to get a job and are useful when you are working.

These include:

Communication skills

Being able to explain what you mean in a clear and concise way, either in writing or when you speak. To listen to other people, and to act upon information or  instructions that they give you.

Problem solving skills

Being able to understand a problem by breaking it down into smaller parts and finding  a solution to it. 

Using your initiative

Having new ideas of your own that can be made into a reality. Being motivated- showing a commitment to doing things yourself and not waiting to be told to do things.

Organisational skills

Being able to plan work to meet deadlines and targets. Sometimes this might mean working under pressure.  Keeping an eye on your progress to ensure you are going to be able to meet a deadline.

Team working

Working well with people who have different professional backgrounds and expertise to accomplish a task or goal.


Being able to learn from a difficult situation or a mistake you made, for the benefit of both you and your employer.


Being able to understand numbers and be confident in using them in everyday or work situations.

Valuing diversity and difference

Being able to understand and be considerate of the different needs of different people.

Negotiation skills

Being able to understand people’s feelings and express your own in a clear way so that others understand your point of view and together you can agree a way forward that is good for both of you.

These key skills often appear in a person specification, which accompanies a job description. These skills are those that the employer believes will help the person carry out their role to the best of their ability.

The Hampshire Futures Careers Service, which is part of Hampshire County Council's Children's Services department, offers a range of programmes to help you boost your employability skills.

The National Careers Service  also provides information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work.

The Personal Progress qualifications are for young people or adults with learning difficulties. There are no entry requirements.




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Page last reviewed: 15/06/2023

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