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Hampshire County Council - local offer for care leavers

What is the care leavers' local offer?

All local authorities must publish a 'local offer for care leavers' to explain the services which are on offer from the local authority and from other agencies for care leavers. This is a requirement as set out in legislation. For more information please see- Children and Social Work Act 2017 and the Children Act 1989. It is our responsibility to make sure you know what your entitlements are and what services are available to you. We also want you to understand what support, advice, and guidance you can expect to receive from us when you as a care leaver.

Our leaving care local offer covers:

  1. Introduction – what is the local offer to care leavers?
  2. What do we mean by care leaver?
  3. What can Hampshire care leavers’ service do?
  4. What can a Personal Advisor (PA) do?
  5. What is a My Life My Future plan?
  6. Important documents for me
  7. My health and wellbeing
  8. My relationships
  9. My education and training
  10. My employment, including my money
  11. My accommodation
  12. My participation in society, including getting my voice heard
  13. Who can help? Useful contacts

Your status as a care leaver as defined in legislation is an important factor to determine the support you may be entitled to, this is detailed in the local offer but For more information about these terms please visit Coram Voice.

We understand that the term care leaver may not be one that you like or wish to use, it is however the term used within the legislation and this is why we use it for clarity, however if you can make your wishes clear to those who work with and support you to ensure that you are referred to in a way which you are happy with.

To access local offer please click this link.


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Page last reviewed: 06/09/2023

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