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What's it all mean? Glossary for young people in care and care leavers

Don't worry, it's not just you that gets confused by all the words and terms that get thrown around, so we thought that we should put together a glossary of all the different terms that you might hear, if you can think of any that we might have missed out, please let us know.

Means you are looked after and have been given somewhere to live by Hampshire County Council 
Will help you say things in meetings or visits, that you don't feel confident enough saying on your own, they will raise a complaint if you don't feel like you have been treated properly, they will help you understand what is being said/done in meetings and visits

Is usually undertaken by your social worker to find out more about you and your life and will help them write your care plan

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. If you have a mental health issue then you will work with someone from CAMHS who will help you get back on track

Care order
Is a legal document that is given out by the courts once you become looked after saying that Hampshire County Council has parental responsibility for you

Care Plan
Your care plan is written by your social worker and has information about you, your placements and what your plans might be for the future, it should be updated regularly as things change

Care Leaver
Is someone who has been privately fostered until they are 16, in care before a Special Guardianship Order was made or someone who spent a short amount of time in care between ages 14 and 16. As a care leaver you will continue to be supported by your social worker up until the age of 18, you will also have a PA who will support you solely when you turn 18

Case Review  
This is a meeting that is led by your IRO and looks at your care plan to make sure it is being followed by all the people involved with your welfare, they will also check to see if any changes need to be made

Case Load
The number of cases that your social worker may hold

Child protection plan
This is a plan that looks at situations when a child or young person is at risk of serious harm. It will look at all the dangers and assess what is needed to keep the child/young person safe

Children's Home
A residential home where young people (most likely teenagers) live together that are supported by a live in team of staff

Children's Services
Is the name given to all the services/teams that look after children and young people
Corporate Parent
Hampshire County Council has a responsibility and although they are not a physical parent they have the same responsibilities to make sure you grow up well and fulfil your potential

Designated Teacher/Tutor
Every school/college has a designated teacher who's responsible for looked after children and young people, go to them if you have any problems at school or college, they are also responsible for your PEP

Discharging the order 
Is a legal term for when the court says your care order has ended and you can return home

Emergency Protection Order 
Another order that is given out by the courts which gives Hampshire County Council parental responsibility for you for 15 days whilst it is worked out what may be best for you and your situation

Emergency Care
Is usually for young people who need a safe place to stay for a short while
External Placement or out of county placement
This is a placement that may be in a residential school or foster home that isn't in the same county that you came from, this can happen when there are no suitable placements where you came from or for your own safety. Where possible Hampshire County Council will try and keep you placed in the same county to avoid major disruption

Foster Carer 
A foster carer is someone who is specially trained and looks after children and young people in their own homes and gives you a safe and secure placement

A GP or General Practitioner is a doctor

Health Assessment 
You will usually have a health assessment when you first come into care and once yearly if you are over five years old or every six months if you are under the age of five. In your health assessment your doctor will ask you about any health issues you might have and this will go towards writing your health plan

Health Plan 
Your health plan will contain information from your health assessment and will be included in your care plan

Independent Review Officer (IRO) 
Your IRO still works for Hampshire County Council but is different to your social worker, their main job is to make sure that you are being looked after properly and they will hold a meeting every six months for you and all the people helping to care for you to make sure you feel safe and happy

Independent Visitor
Is someone who is not employed by Hampshire County Council who is part of a be-friending service that will take you out and is someone you can chat to and generally have fun with

Local Authority 
Hampshire County Council is your local authority and basically it has lots of different services under one roof and looks after the running of day to day things in the county

Pathway Plan
A pathway plan is a written document that looks at your plans and goals and what is needed to help you achieve them. Before your first pathway plan your social worker will complete the Pathway Assessment of Need with you. This helps identify your current skills and any new skills that you need to develop to help you move towards being more independent

Personal education plan
Your personal education plan or PEP is where you set out a plan of actions and targets you would like to achieve. It gets reviewed twice a year so your school and social worker know you are getting the help you need and you are meeting your goals

Personal Advisor (PA) 
When you reach 16, and become a care leaver as well as having a social worker you will also have a personal advisor, known as a PA who will give you extra support. When you turn 18 your social worker will stop working with you and you will just be supported by your PA

Your placement refers to where you live
Placement Plan
Your placement plan is part of your care plan

Residence Order
A friends & family carer could be a member of your or a close family friend and it's very much like having a foster carer as you will still get visits from your social worker and support from Hampshire County Council but you will be cared for by someone you know really well and already have a relationship with

Residential Care
Is another term for children's home and is usually for young people who have long term care needs

These are regular meetings where you meet up to discuss you care plan

Secure Accommodation
Swanwick Lodge is Hampshire County Council's secure accommodation, and can be for young offenders and those young people who may need extra support or of there is a worry that they are a danger to themselves

Short Break
Is usually for children and young people who have a disability and it will be a short break away from their families or foster homes to stay with specially trained foster carers

Social Worker
Is someone who looks after your case, you may have been introduced to them before you came into care or they may be new to you. They will be the ones who have the most contact with you and who will come and visit you and come to your meetings

Special Guardianship order
Is a court handing over parental responsibility for you from Hampshire County Council to a guardian, your parents will still have legal responsibility for you but your guardian will make the most of the important decisions for you

Subject to a care order, but living at home
This means that you still have a care order but parental responsibility for you will be shared with Hampshire County Council and it will have been decided that you can live with your parents with lots of support from your social worker

Supervision Order
Is a court order saying that you can live at home but you will have regular checks from your social worker to make sure you are being cared for properly

Supervision order
Is a court order saying that you can live at home but you will have regular checks from your social worker to make sure you are being cared for properly

Supported Lodgings
Is where you move from living with foster carers to becoming more independent and living with a host family, who are like foster carers but will encourage you to become more independent. It is hoped that your supported lodgings placement will be safe and secure and allow you to learn essential life skills ready for you to live more independently

Virtual Head/School
Is a team of experienced teachers who keep an eye on the progress of looked after children in Hampshire's Schools, you may never meet a virtual head but they will be trying to raise attainment for children and young people in care

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