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The Primary Behaviour Service


The Primary Behaviour Service (PBS) supports Hampshire primary schools with children who have social, emotional and mental health needs that result in challenging behaviour in school.




Who can access the Primary Behaviour Service?

The Primary Behaviour Service can be accessed by Hampshire primary schools, to receive support for children who have social, emotional, complex behaviour needs and mental health, all of which presents with challenges in school.

The PBS service will work with schools in order to help develop children’s positive behaviour and emotional wellbeing.

The service primarily works with mainstream primary schools to support children who do not currently have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and who go to school in Hampshire. This includes children who live in a bordering local authority but attend a Hampshire primary school.

By providing early, targeted support through a child-centred approach the service aims to remove barriers to learning, help children get the most from their education and reduce exclusion.

What services / support does the PBS provide?

The Primary Behaviour Service has a dedicated team of experienced practitioners, who are able to provide the following services and support to Hampshire primary schools:

• Assessment and identification of a pupil’s individual needs relating to behaviour and emotional wellbeing. This ensures that any early intervention and support is appropriate

• Hands-on advice and support for classroom staff and school leadership teams, for a wide range of behavioural, emotional and social development needs

• Support for parents/carers, including help with developing a positive home/school relationship, as well as direct work with parents/carers

• Training and development for school staff, including sharing of skills and best practice

• Play therapy

• Transition support between key stages, for example during a move to/from specialist provision

• Access to six inreach Centres, which offer part time provision to complement mainstream school placement. The centres offer an individually tailored curriculum designed to ensure maximum inclusion at school

• Crisis management and conflict resolution in support to schools

• Support and advice to schools during assessments for Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP)


• Children learn strategies that work for them, so that they can self-regulate their behaviour

• Children have their individual needs met, helping them to develop their strengths, emotional resilience and independence

• Children become better engaged with their learning and can access more of the curriculum

• Staff in mainstream schools have increased understanding, confidence and knowledge, and are better equipped to work with challenging behaviour

• Reduces the risk of school exclusion

• Supports positive relationships and partnership working between schools, families and children, resulting in a consistent approach to behaviour at home and school


Access to the service is only available via a referral from a Hampshire primary school. If you are concerned about your child’s behaviour and/or emotional wellbeing, please speak to your child’s school in the first instance.


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Page last reviewed: 25/04/2017

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