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Young people participating - Post 16 Strategy development

YPEG group members

A range of young people in Hampshire were invited to contribute to the "Hampshire post 16 strategy".  This included a number of workshops that were held to explore the current map of provision, priorities and develop this strategy and associated action plan.

The voice of young people themselves is critical as it enables commissioners and providers to properly understanding their thoughts, views and experiences in shaping future developments and agreeing priorities.

A range of methods were used to collate a picture of the current map of provision for CYP aged 16 to 25 with SEND. These have included:

  • Workshop provision mapping
  • Feedback from CYP groups
  • Completion of the Preparing for Adulthood Post 16 self evaluation tool by all agencies.

The photo on the right shows some of the 10 young people (aged between 16 – 25) from YPEG (KIDS) and SAY (HARG) groups who took part in the "Hampshire post 16 strategy - the voice of children and young people" survey. 

They (and a number of young people attending college) were asked questions based on the four Preparing for Adulthood outcome areas of Employment, Community Inclusion, Independent Living (including housing and life/personal skills) and health, including:

  1. What is important to you?
  2. Why?
  3. Rank across the four priority areas in terms of their importance 

Some of the above young people (from YPEG and SAY Groups) attended the Hampshire County Council Post 16 Strategy Steering Group meeting in October 2017.  They presented a summary of the feedback received from young people and included details of what young people believe is most important to them as they approach adulthood. This will ensure that the strategy reflects the voice of young people in Hampshire.

Our thanks goes to the young people who took part in this and also to YPEG and SAY Groups for their involvement and support.  We are delighted to be able to include a copy of the excellent presentation developed by Connor from YPEG. See download documents on this page. 


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