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Your first appointment at a Specialist Clinic


What to expect from a clinic appointment

* If your child has been referred to a specialist clinic it can be difficult to know what to expect. Many services have leaflets or websites explaining about their clinics so it may be useful to check this before the appointment. Alternatively you could phone the professional you are due to see if you or your child has particular needs.

* Before going to the clinic think about questions you may want to ask. Writing questions down can be a helpful reminder as there is nothing worse than remembering them on your way home from the appointment. Writing down yours and your family’s concerns is also a good idea as it can be difficult to recall everything at an appointment.

* Some clinics do not have free car parking so take some change with you in case you may need it for a car park machine.

* Whilst professionals aim to ensure that clinics run to time you may have to wait a short while so be prepared by taking anything that you may need during that time e.g books, nappies, snacks, drinks.

* The professional may want to weigh and measure your child. Normally children are able to be weighed in light clothing so be prepared to remove their shoes and outer clothing.

* You will be asked questions about your child and how they are at home and pre-school/ school if relevant. If you have any information that you feel may be useful take it to the appointment.

* You may also be asked about family and birth history so it is helpful if you take your child’s Personal Child Health Record [Red Book] with you.

* Sometimes you may be asked to keep a diary either before or after your first appointment e.g. sleep, seizure, behaviour, wetting. Remember to take this to your appointment as it helps the professional to assess your child’s particular needs.

* If required you will be informed when your child needs to have their next appointment and who to contact if you have any other concerns.

* After the appointment a letter will normally be sent to your child’s GP and a copy sent to you.

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