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Early Years - Integrated Two Year Check

Health visitors carry out a development check for all children at the age of two. Additionally, where two year olds are attending an early years childcare setting, the childcare provider will also do an early years progress check.

From 2015 these two checks have been integrated and, as a result, a process linking these child development progress checks for 2 year olds has been introduced across Hampshire. This process aims to support parents, health visitors and early education practitioners in nurseries, pre-schools or childminders to share information around the development check so that they have a better understanding of how to support the child to develop their skills.

This will usually mean that after each of the development checks are undertaken, either by the health visitor with the parent, or by the childcare setting or childminder, information will be shared using the ‘Personal Child Health Record, often referred to as ‘the Red Book’, which parents retain. Settings should ask to see this ‘Red book‘, and it is your choice whether you share it. If the setting does not ask to see the ‘Red book’ please feel free to remind them that you have it.

From time to time parents, the health visitor and the childcare setting may identify that a child needs some additional support to help with the child’s development. 



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Page last reviewed: 12/06/2023

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