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Support for children to access school transport



How will my child be supported to access school transport?

Where it is considered appropriate, all reasonable effort will be made to provide a member of the council’s staff (known as a School Escort) to travel with children.

School Escorts play a key role in enabling children with Special Educational Needs to attend school. They are responsible for supervising children and ensuring that they are happy and safe using transport. To ensure a high quality service the Council carries out regular checks and risk assessments of the School Escort service.

There are a number of tasks that they are unable to perform, including dispensing and administering of medication (unless in exceptional circumstances - see below) medical care, and lifting and handling. They will however, provide a safe and caring environment for your child’s journey to school.

Escorts are required to stay in or close to the vehicle at all times and are not expected to leave the vehicle to accompany children into their homes.

If an escort is suddenly taken ill and it is not possible to find a replacement, the transport may have to be cancelled. If this happens, every effort will be made to let you know promptly.

For more information on the role of School Escort please visit the Home School Transport website.

Who will help my child/young person learn to travel independently?

Some colleges and schools support travelling independently, often as a practical activity as a feature of the curriculum but also with specific support on the home to school/college journey.

Speak to your child's school or college to find out if they offer this option.

Medications and school transport

If your child has complex medical needs, you may be concerned about what happens if your child needs medication during their journey to school.

Although School Escorts are not normally allowed to administer medication, they may, in certain rare circumstances, do so. In these cases suitable medically trained staff are employed to accompany that journey.


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Page last reviewed: 12/06/2023

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