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Transition Partnership Agreement (TPA)

Transition Partnership Agreement

The Transition Partnership Agreement (TPA) replaces the Inclusion Partnership Agreement (IPA).  The IPA was developed over 10 years ago and in light of an increasing emphasis on person-centred approaches, it has now been reviewed, significantly revised and renamed.  The review involved parents, including representatives from Hampshire Parent Carer Network, SENCos and Area Inclusion Coordinators (Area InCos), home school link workers, specialist teacher advisors, and educational psychologists.

Although the IPA was used for a number of purposes, including helping to plan for children and young people with special educational needs, it has always played a key part in action planning for a successful transition.  Renaming the IPA as the Transition Partnership Agreement means that there is a clear emphasis on transition action planning. The intention of the TPA is to support transition for those children and young people who might be vulnerable when making the transition into preschool, to school or college, or to a new year group.

There are currently four documents, a form and guidance for children in preschool settings, and a form and guidance for children for children and young people of school age.  A review document is in preparation.

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