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  1. Choosing a baby car seat

    You'll need to buy a baby car seat before your baby is born. It's important to buy one that fits your car and is suitable for a newborn. If you have your baby in hospital or a birth centre, you will need the car seat to…
  2. Colleges & Post-16

    All children and young people have the right to full-time education up to the age of 16 and must then do one of the following until you’re 18; stay in full-time education, for example at a college; start an apprenticeship; or spend 20 hours or more…
  3. Coming out

    Coming out is when someone who is gay, lesbian or bisexual tells the people around them about their sexuality. This can be difficult and people may worry that others will treat them differently once they know. Even though it can be scary, most people feel that…
  4. Communication

    Aids to support communication needs There is a range of aids which can support your child’s communication needs, whether caused by a sensory impairment, a physical disability or global developmental delay. Communication aids can be “low tech” such as pictures or symbols or “high tech”…
  5. Communication passports

      Many children and young people are unable to communicate their needs and it can be very time consuming for parents/carers to constantly repeat the same information to activity providers. This is where a communication passport can be very helpful. A passport aims to present…
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