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  1. Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy – Family Information and Services Hub (FISH) FISH is a sub-domain of Hampshire County Council’s website, Hantsweb. Details of the Council's Privacy Notice and use of Cookies.
  2. Problem-solving Toolkit from Cerebra

    Supporting disabled people and carers. Cerebra is a unique charity set up to help improve the lives of children with neurological conditions. Cerebra have launched a ‘Problem-solving’ toolkit, which aims to support disabled people and carers, as well as their families and advisers, who are encountering difficulties with the…
  3. Reflexology

    Reflexology is based on the principle that reflex points found on the feet (and hands) correspond to specific organs, muscles, bones and systems in the body. By applying gentle pressure to congested areas in the feet, blockages can be released, thus restoring the flow of…
  4. Relationships

    Healthy relationships with family, friends and colleagues is something we all want, but at home or work, supportive, fulfilling relationships don’t come automatically. If you’re becoming a parent or if you're having problems in your family or work life the information in this section maybe…
  5. Respite and Support

    Even the most capable parents and carers know that the best outcomes for their children or young people are achieved when families, agencies and the community work together. These pages are your essential resource for information about support that’s available for the whole family, including…
  6. School exclusion

    This can be a very upsetting, difficult and worrying time for you and your child. A parent's guide has been created (which can be viewed via the link below or via the "External links" on this page).  The guide explains: what you can do if you…
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