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Elkolet Ministries

Equip for Life (EfL) is run by ELKOLET Ministries, which is a social enterprise supporting young people from Infant school up to college age and beyond through three key areas namely:

  1. Reactive Services: aimed at assisting the Young Person, their Family and School to resolve existing issues that may cause the young person to become disengaged from mainstream education;
  2. Preventative Services: providing facilities and programmes to create a conducive environment to help prevent or reduce the effect of external factors upon a young person completing their full educational cycle;
  3. Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC): helping to assist schools with their implementation of SMSC in accordance with the Department of Education's initiative. Specific services include:
  • School assemblies
  • Religious Education (RE) Lessons
  • Breakfast Club support
  • Attendance and Punctuality Service
  • Administrative support: e.g. Help to plan and create a timetable alongside the school to present to parents in support of alternative solutions
  • Provide representation: e.g. Attend school meetings or social service conferences alongside family
  • Listeners service
  • Parent support: e.g. Support the parent(s) with their own circumstances which could include helping a parent find a suitable job if they are currently unemployed
  • Liaison with other support organisations: e.g. Linking school - student - families up with on-line learning, one-on-one tutoring and other services which have an existing infrastructure to meet specific needs that face the young person in mainstream education
  • Building work experience opportunities: e.g. Assisting with arranging work experience and apprenticeship through local businesses to support an alternative timetable.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Bryan Knowles
07580 313 700

Where to go

75 Cherry Way
GU34 2AX

East Hampshire, at location provided by purchaser (i.e. school, library, community centre)

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£0.00 / Free of Charge
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