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Money Matters @ Basingstoke Consortium

A two-phase practical programme focused on helping young people aged 14-16 understand how to manage money. Phase I offers an introduction to spending, budgeting and banking. Phase II focuses on money needs, wants and aspirations. Both phases are interactive with learners engaged in a series of games, hands-on learning and reflection.

Throughout the programme learners are helped to see the link between the world of work, aspirations, money and saving. From spending diaries to "learning the lingo", phone contracts, credit ratings and practical banking tips, learners are engaged throughout.

Phase II includes a focus on wages versus benefits, the current labour market and career aspirations. In addition a practical banking session explores the difference between bank accounts, writing cheques, savings and interest rates. Finally, the idea of the "savvy buyer" is explored, showing different ways to buy common items.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Julie Poynter
01256 840710
Parent Organisation
Basingstoke Consortium

Where to go


Schools or community venues, Basingstoke & Deane (and other areas of North Hampshire subject to capacity)

Other Details


£40 £ 120 per phase (dependent on learner numbers) (a phase is 3 sessions). The delivery is based on 5-15 learners. Each phase contains three sessions. Assumes venue provided by referral agency.


Age Ranges
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