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Launchpad Barton Stacey Early Years and After School Club

Offering services to:
  • Children 0-5

Launchpad Barton Stacey focus on a safe, secure and happy environment to help create confident, inspired and kind children.

Launchpad Early Years was born through the work of Diocese of Winchester’s ‘Winchester Social Enterprise’ (WSE). There are already many successful Church of England Primary schools associated with their local church; and the Launchpad Network exists to strengthen and enhance early years links for the benefit of the children and also for the wider community.

Our values are, 

Joy, is the pleasure of learning together with the support and connections made by the whole community. It is developed for young children through the understanding of love and care for others. We encourage friendship, respect and a loving family community within the setting.

Care, is how the community look after and provide for the needs of their young children. It is the caring attitude we model for these young children so they can support each other in a healthy safe nurturing environment. It is the care they offer to others and their environment.

Friendship, is a state of mutual trust and support developed within a safe and happy environment, where children, staff and the community care about each other. It is developed over time through a respectful environment, with love and commitment to each other.

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Jo Parker
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Launchpad Barton Stacey
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Barton Stacey

SO21 3RY

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Local Offer

Contact Name
Jo Parker
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01962 760039
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How does the setting/school/college know if children/young people need extra help and what should I do if I think my child/young person may have special educational needs?

Before your child even starts at Launchpad Barton Stacey you will have the opportunity to discuss with their Key Person any concerns you may have about their development or any special needs they may have. The key person will talk to you about your child’s interests, routines and current level of development. The key person will use this information to form your child’s starting points and set their next steps in the prime areas of learning. If appropriate the Key Person will involve the Special Education Needs Co-coordinator (SENCo) straight away.

From the first day your child starts their key person will build on their starting points by observing them in pre-school. On or around 6 weeks after your child has started at preschool your child’s key person will arrange to meet with you to discuss their development. At this point if there are any concerns the Key Person will discuss these with you in conjunction with the SENCo (if appropriate) to agree a way forward. Likewise if you have any concerns we will be able to discuss these. We are keen to provide your child with a consistent approach to dealing with any concerns and therefore we would work closely with you and any child minders or other nursery or pre-school your child attends.

How will early years setting/school/college staff support my child/young person?

At Launchpad Barton Stacey we have a curriculum which can be easily differentiated to ensure every child can access every activity in a way and at a level which is suited to their needs. We have an experienced and proactive Special Education Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCo) who is responsible for planning and overseeing all additional support your child may need. In conjunction with you and your child’s key person she will determine what support your child needs, how we will deliver this support and how often it will be delivered. This information will then be included in your child’s individual plan. This plan is regularly reviewed by all parties to ensure your child is making progress, to recognise their successes and to write a new version to move them forward further. 

The SENCo also works closely with external agencies to ensure we provide the best support we can in the setting.

  • We request the support of the Area Inclusion Co-ordinator (Area INCo) when we have a child with needs we have not dealt with before and she can provide us with pointers to strategies to support the child or links to people who can.
  • Where we have a child with physical disabilities we can draw on the expertise of Specialist Teacher Advisors, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists among others to ensure your child is properly supported within Pre-School.

 We pride ourselves on our openness and effective communication so if at any time you wish to discuss your child or would like more information or support we encourage you to:

  • Chat informally with either the SENCo or Key Person
  • Request a meeting with your child’s Key Person
  • Request a meeting with the SENCo
  • Visit the setting and observe how we are working with your child and the progress they are making.
How will the curriculum be matched to my child's/young person's needs?

At Launchpad Barton Stacey we believe that every child has the right to access activities in a way and at a level which is best suited to their needs.  Our planning for individual children always includes activities to encourage their development in all areas of the curriculum while using activities which interest them. We aim to stretch each child to achieve their potential while creating appropriate next steps so they regularly experience success.  Our planning for groups of children always ensures activities can be differentiated to meet the needs of every child whatever their level of development or ability.

How will both you and I know how my child/young person is doing and how will you help me to support my child's/young person's learning?

At Launchpad Barton Stacey we are keen to have very open channels of communication. When your child first starts we make every effort to update you on how they are settling and discuss what they have been doing in a session. After your child has been with us 6 weeks your child’s Key Person will arrange to meet with you to discuss how they have settled and their levels of development. This is intended to be a two way process as children often perform very differently at home than in Pre-School.  We are always available for you to chat informally with either the SENCo or your child’s key person about the progress they are making. Sometimes a quick chat is not long enough and then we would arrange a meeting where we will have much longer to discuss any concerns and progress. We also have twice yearly parent consultations.  Every child at Launchpad Barton Stacey has a termly summative assessment, where we record the current levels your child is working at. Any areas where progress is not as expected will be targeted for additional support the next term. We discuss every child’s progress with their parents twice a year at our parent consultations however if we have concerns about any aspect of your child’s development we would discuss this with you immediately.  All children have an on line Learning Journal which parents can access anytime. It records the highlights of your child’s time in pre-school and contains details of the next steps they are working towards and their current levels of development. We actively encourage parents to contribute to the learning journal and each week we share home learning activities which you may like to work on with your child at home.  Our aim is that no parent should feel they need to wait until a formal parent meeting is arranged to understand how their child is developing and nor should they wait to discuss any concerns. If there are any concerns the sooner we know about them the quicker we can hopefully deal with them and offer your child the support they need.

What support will there be for my child's/young person's overall well being?

At Launchpad Barton Stacey we are an inclusive setting where everyone is welcome. Every child is unique and we recognise and encourage them as individuals. We understand that in order to flourish every child needs to feel safe, secure and valued and these are the standards we work to.

If your child has specific medical or personal care routines then these will be discussed with you and a care package drawn up so these needs are met timely and sensitively. If these needs involve us undertaking routines we are not familiar with we would ensure we received the appropriate training to enable us to perform these safely.  We have well established procedures in place for the administering of prescribed medicines which require parents to authorise us to give the medicines to their child and detail how often and at what dose they should be given. All medication is administered by two members of staff to ensure that all doses are correct. All our staff are checked by the Disclosure & Barring Service and we aim to ensure staff have relevant first aid training and that all staff have completed safeguarding training relevant to their role.  Our Behaviour Co-ordinator (BeCo)/SENCo work closely with staff and parents in supporting children with behavioural needs. We aim to put strategies in place to support them and the other children in the setting and include them in activities in an appropriate way. These children may have a behaviour plan put in place which would outline the support they will be given. This is regularly discussed and reviewed with parents.

What specialist services and expertise are avaliable at or accessed by the setting/school/college?

The SENCO has attended the SENCO Induction training, the Safeguarding Lead Practitioner is Level 4 trained in Safeguarding. All members of staff are expected to attend First Aid, Safeguarding and Food Hygiene courses on a regular basis. Launchpad Barton Stacey have close links with outside agencies, such as the Area Inco and Early Years Advisory teachers who can be accessed for help at any time.

What training have the staff supporting children and young people with SEND had? Are any being trained currently?

We have an experienced and proactive SENCo who has completed her SENCo training and has also attended many training courses.  Our SENCo attends regular support meetings held by the Area Inclusion team who supply valuable advice and resources to help support our children and their families. The Area INCos are also available on request to enable the SENCo to discuss any concerns about our children that she may have.


How will my child/young person be included in activities outside this classroom including school trips?

At Launchpad Barton Stacey we aim to ensure all our activities are differentiated so all children can access them in their own way and at a level appropriate to them.  We would never take a child on an outing which we deemed was unsafe for their age and stage of development.  When we go on outings outside of Pre-School we carry out a full risk assessment beforehand to ensure the safety of all children and this includes assessing the needs of the children who will be going on the outing. We then set our adult to child ratios to ensure all children are adequately supported and that we can fully meet their needs.  There may be occasions when we feel your expertise as your child’s primary carer would enable them to better participate in the outing and we would the discuss this with you to see if you could come with us on the trip however you would always be welcome to join us on any outing if you would like to.

How accessible is the setting/school/college enviroment?

Launchpad Barton Stacey is a modern building which has sliding front door to allow wheelchair access. Our internal space is all located on one level and is wheelchair accessible. We have a disabled toilet which has space for a wheelchair if necessary and space for changing nappies.

Visual routines of the day are located in the main room, at child’s eye level so daily routines can be followed. Photo cards of equipment located on all the storage boxes. English as an additional Language is respected and children are encouraged to use their native tongue within the session. Extra support will be given to the child and family through EMTAS. There are books and leaflets available within our book area. The outdoor environment offers a secure space for your child to learn and explore whilst having fun with many different resources. Resources are located in the same areas for children’s recall to an existing theme of their play. We have a mud kitchen for exploration and lots of mark making opportunities to be explored. A gardening area has also been created where children can plant various items, watch them grow and then cook and eat at snack time.

How will the setting/school/college prepare and support my child/young person to join the setting/school/college or the next stage of education and life?

We at Launchpad Barton Stacey have a settling in policy which encourages the parents/carers to visit the setting as often as possible before the child is due to start. This is so that familiarity of the surroundings and staff and the bonding process can take place between children, parents and key person. An introduction into the settings procedures and all paperwork is carried out with the parent/carer to ensure that permission is given for observations to take place. This is also a good time to discuss any issues that a parent may have regarding their child.

For transitions into school, Launchpad Barton Stacey ensure that there is role play school uniform available to all the children for the differing schools. Talking photo albums are also made accessible to the children to ensure that the children are familiar with the new school surroundings. Visits are also arranged so that children can visit their new setting with their key person. Launchpad Barton Stacey also offer stay and play sessions for all parents to be involved in, so they too can experience time in the life of their children’s day.

For children with SEND we may well already have completed an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). For other children we will complete a Transition Partnership Agreenent (TPA). In either case we will liaise with the school and the SENCo of the school to ensure they fully understand how we have been supporting your child so as to provide continuity of care. This may include a transition meeting with the parents, Pre-School Key Person, Pre-school SENCo, School class teacher, School SENCo and any relevant professionals. This meeting would outline the specific needs of your child and the support they would need. It would also give the school time to put in place anything specific for your child before they start.

How are the setting's/school's/college's resources allocated and matched to children's/young people's special educational needs?

All funding for Special Education Needs are allocated to the individual child’s needs, this could include 1:1 support or specific equipment or training that is required. All SEN are treated on an individual basis and resourced accordingly.

How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child/young person will receive?

Your child’s key person, SENCo, Area INCo, Portage and any other outside agencies will discuss with you what support is appropriate for your child’s needs. There is not a one size fits all approach as every child is unique and has needs specific to them. Where appropriate we hold regular Team Around the Child meetings throughout the year with all parties involved to ensure consistency.  Once support is in place this is closely monitored to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate. We do this through observation, assessment of progress, reviewing of targets and discussion with you as parents.  Some children need additional support for just a short while whereas other children may need support for the whole time they are with us. Our aim is always to ensure that support is appropriate, timely and necessary.

How are parents involved in the setting/school/college? How can I be involved?

All parents are encouraged to take on an active part in their child’s learning and development. Parent meetings are held termly for the sharing of information and the planning for the next stages of their learning and development can be discussed. All parents have the opportunity to speak to the child’s key person or any member of staff on a daily basis. This can be confidential if need be. We at Launchpad Barton Stacey always recognise that the parent is the child’s first educator and like to offer any help and support we can to families who come involved within our setting.


Offering services to:
  • Children 0-5


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