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Offering services to:
  • Adults 19-25
Supporting people with:
  • Education, training and development

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we put our students first and always look for ways to improve their learning experience. We specialise in providing online tuition services in the UK for students from Year 1 to Year 11.

We aim to help students achieve their academic goals by providing them with the necessary tools and support. We offer a wide range of online tutoring programmes for students across the UK, such as English, Maths, Science, GCSE, SATs, 11 Plus, and Late Transfer Test tutoring.


A Chance to Learn From Experts!


We offer live tutoring classes with a team of experienced tutors all over the UK. They use interactive and tailored teaching methods to help students build their knowledge and confidence in core subject areas.


Moreover, we inform parents about their child's progress with regular updates and feedback.


Qualified English, Maths and Science Tutors in the UK


  • Our English tutors can assist with reading, writing, grammar, and comprehension skills. 
  • With expert Maths tutors, we help students with everything from basic arithmetic to advanced algebra.
  • Learning from our Science tutors can help students explore the principles of physics and chemistry and the intricacies of biology.


We Prepare Students For Exams!

We understand the importance of exam preparation, and our tutors are here to help students prepare for important exams like GCSE, SATs, 11 Plus, and Late Transfer Tests in an online tutoring programme.


  • For effective exam preparation, our tutors guide students to develop test-taking strategies.
  • We also work on time management skills and subject-specific mastery to secure the best results. 
  • We also understand that exam preparation is not just about studying but also about managing stress and anxiety. 


At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we are committed to providing a high-quality, personalised education to help every student succeed. If you're interested in our services and want us to help you achieve your child's academic goals, please get in touch with us today!

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Adnan Khan Tutoring
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Offering services to:
  • Adults 19-25
Supporting people with:
  • Education, training and development


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Last Updated: 15 March 2023

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