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Woodcot Community Preschool

Pre-School Playgroup

Woodcot Community Preschool aim to work closely with our parent/carers to provide a welcoming and inclusive setting that will provide a wide range of activities and experiences that promote the development of all children.


Who to contact

01329 234381

Where to go

Woodcot CP School
Tukes Avenue
PO13 0SG
Accessible changing, Secure environment, Wheelchair access, Low stimulus, Accessible toilets, Disabled parking

Childcare Information


Immediate vacancies
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Funded Places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding
Registered to provide 30 hours entitlement
When is childcare available
Term Times
Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 08:45 15:15
Tuesday 08:45 15:15
Wednesday 08:45 15:15
Thursday 08:45 15:15
Friday 08:45 12:15
Messy Play Area
Sleeping Area
Outdoor Play

School Pickups

Offers pickups

Ofsted Information

Ofsted Inspection Report
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Inspection history
Latest Inspection
Inspection DateInspection typeInspection Outcome
03/07/2019Inspection (Early Years Register)Good

Inclusion Information

Wheelchair Access

Has Provision

Special Needs

Has Provision
Experience with
Global Developmental Delay
Visual impairment
Downs syndrome
Emotional needs
Learning difficulties
Loss or Bereavement
Hearing Difficulties
Language impairment
Physical impairment
ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Medical Needs
Motor impairment
Challenging Behaviour
Social development impairment
Serious allergy / Anaphilaxis
Autistic Spectrum Disorder ASD
Severe dietary needs

Dietary Needs

Has Provision
Experience with

Cultural Provisions

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Experience with



Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£4 per hour
Age group - Age range: 4 per hour, 9 per session, 19.5 per day, 88.5 per week, 619.5 per term

Local Offer

Local Offer
Contact Name
Carly Bacon
Contact Telephone
01329 234381
Contact Email
PECS, Makaton
How will early years setting/school/college staff support my child/young person?

At Woodcot Pre-school, new Parents are provided with a parent pack that outlines all policies and procedures used within the setting. We have access to a smaller room, where the key person will provide 1:1 or small groups, depending on the individual needs of the child. Questionnaires are sent out on an annual basis to parents, to help us monitor the efficiency of service at pre-school that we provide. Our SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) will seek advice from the Inclusion Setting Support Officers (ISSO), advisory teachers, speech and language, and any other agencies that maybe required to suit the individual needs of the child. Woodcot Pre-schools keyworkers will work with the child and parents to implement the next steps which will be included in their learning journeys. We will regularly review children's progress to ensure we are meeting their needs. 

How will the curriculum be matched to my child's/young person's needs?

Key workers will use regular observations, using different methods to monitor each child’s learning. Woodcot Pre-school provides a rich, stimulating environment which includes free flow play both inside and outside that encourages exploration and investigation for all children. We encourage child led activities that reflects the individual child’s characteristics of effective learning. If children require extra support plans will put in place so are children are monitored on regular intervals that ensures children’s needs are being addressed and met. All children’s needs are used in our planning and is always displayed within Pre-school for everyone to see. Here at Woodcot Pre-school we use Tapestry and ECAT (every child a talker) to monitor children’s progress and record any areas of learning for the individual child and enhance our practise where needed. We will implement the use of different tracking tool if a child presents with additional needs as this ensures  we are differentiating our curriculum to meet the individual child's needs.

How will both you and I know how my child/young person is doing and how will you help me to support my child's/young person's learning?

Parents have the opportunity to meet their child’s keyworker every term for a progress review (or more if requested) to look through their child’s learning journey and raise any questions they may have concerning their child's developmental needs. I.E.P’s (Individual Education Plans) are used to plan and monitor individual children’s needs. This ensures  all their needs are being addressed and met. Any professional involved in your child's learning and development are welcome into the setting. This ensures we are providing the best care and support for your child's learning and development. This enables us to work partnership with them and you as parents/carers.

Termly newsletters are sent home with parents, with all our upcoming events and helpful links to support parents at home. Services for young children(SFYC) send a termly newsletter with useful links that will signpost parents to any help and support they may require. If parents/carers need help to access this information we are always there to guide and support where necessary.

Key person and SENCo (Special Education Needs Coordinator) will provide daily/weekly/monthly and termly reports and home books if required depending on you and your child’s individual needs and requirements. 

What support will there be for my child's/young person's overall well being?

The safety of your child is paramount to the staff at Woodcot Pre-school, where we provide a safe and secure environment where your child will be supported in their emotional and physical needs.

Daily sweep sheets are completed twice daily to ensure the areas are safe for your child to explore and learn.

We provide ideas for Healthy snacks and lunches, we support and encourage independence in developing your child’s self-help skills i.e. toileting, nose wiping, hand washing, dressing, aprons, drinks and snacks.

All staff are paediatric first aid trained, training will be sought if further training is required to suit the needs of the individual child.

Jeanie Arthur and Carly Bacon are trained in Allergy Awareness. Either both or one will be in attendance everyday.

All policies are adhered to when administering medicines and are recorded in our medication record book and signed by parents.

We provide a critical incident pack that ensures the welfare of the children is adhered to when addressing additional needs or medicines required.

Pre-school will work with parents with any additional behavioural need.

All staff are D.B.S checked. Security doors are operated by swipe tags and a green button. Staff are all safeguarding trained and the levels currently held are;

Jeanie EYDSL (Early years designated safeguarding lead for all managers working in an Early years setting)
Carly EYDSL (Early years designated safeguarding lead for all managers working in an Early years setting)
Jemma Level 3
Dawn Level 3
Dawn Level 3

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the setting/school/college?

Staff at Woodcot Pre-school have a wealth of knowledge and experience, 3 members of staff are level 5 (including the SENCo (Special Education Neds Coordinator))

2 members of staff are level 3 qualified.

Staff regularly attend provider briefing meetings, safeguarding updates, SENCO updates and Birth to 4.

Staff regularly attend food hygiene, health and safety/manual handling, fire training, step ladder training and child neglect which is part of our continuous professional development.


What training have the staff supporting children and young people with SEND had? Are any being trained currently?

Jeanie Arthur and Carly Bacon have both received SENCO training within SFYC. Carly Bacon attends regular SENCO meetings where her training is kept updated and in line with statutory policies for children with special education needs. Carly Bacon has recently achieved NCFE Level 3 Award For Special Educational Needs Coordinators in Early Years Settings

Woodcot Community Pre-school is situated in the same building as Woodcot Primary School.

A member of staff attended the Keep on Talking Project and training has been cascaded down to all staff in aiding and supporting children with speech and language development.

With the support from the local Speech and Language Team Carly Bacon has implemented a Bucket Time program which supports language development for children who need additional support. This will also support their listening and attention skills as well as their personal, social and emotional development which is an important tool to aid transition to school.

How will my child/young person be included in activities outside this classroom including school trips?

All outings arranged and organised by Woodcot Community Pre-school are within our local area, Parents and carers are asked to help alongside staff, with a minimum 1 adult to 2 children, but wherever possible we endeavour to provide one to one. Dietary needs are adhered to when planning cooking sessions or arranging Christmas and end of year parties. Every child needs will be met when planning. All activities will be adapted to accommodate every child’s individual needs.

How accessible is the setting/school/college environment?

We are buggy accessible already, we will purchase and provide a wheelchair access when the need arises. Toilets are wheelchair accessible, but should you need a bigger toilet, there is a disabled toilet available within the setting. If the need ever arose, we would provide a sensory area and seek advice on any enhancements needed for the individual child’s needs. We will provide resources that reflect different languages and culture, seek help and advice from area advisors in enhancing any needs for the children and their families, visual aids will be used in the environment that will promote the individual child’s needs.

How will the setting/school/college prepare and support my child/young person to join the setting/school/college or the next stage of education and life?

Woodcot Community Pre-school encourage visits to the setting and these will be tailored to the child and families’ individual needs. Parents are encouraged to visit with their children, no timescale is given as the settling in period is geared to suit the child, family and individual needs. 2 yr checks are completed with parental input. Learning journeys are used to monitor children’s progress and shared with parents, parental input is essential and encouraged. Transitions are made into the school and are easier for children and parents due to the familiarity of their surroundings, as the children use the school facilities whilst attending Woodcot Community Pre-school, these include; Large field, wooded areas, trim trail, all-purpose play area, swimming pool, Forest School, P.E – Large Hall, access resources and apparatus, outside M.U.G.A and the Library. Children visit the reception class, and reception teachers come in and visit pre-school, learning journeys are shared, characteristics of effective learning are logged, Pre-school share information with reception teacher on all children’s individual needs in preparation for school.

Pre-school SENCo (Special Education Needs Coordinator) will liaise with Inclusion Setting Support Officer (ISSO) and other agencies to aid smooth transitions into school.

The transition process is a four way partnership between us, parent/carers, the receiving setting and additional professionals if required.

How are the setting's/school's/college's resources allocated and matched to children's/young people's special educational needs?

2yr and 3yr funding, additional funding will be applied for and used to enhance any needs or additional support that will help the individual child to develop and learn to their fullest potential. Our SENCo will liaise with any other agencies required, that will enable us to meet the needs of the individual child and access funding.

How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child/young person will receive?

If the child is already diagnosed then decisions will have been made on any support needed, the key person and SENCo will continue to support the child as well as working with parent/carers and any other agencies involved with your child that will enhance their learning and development. If your child has not been diagnosed and Parent/ Carer or key person express concerns, Woodcot Pre-school will seek advice to ensure appropriate agencies will work together to support. Observations will be used to monitor individual child learning and progress. Support required will depend on child’s individual needs.

I.E.P's (Individual Education Plans) will be used by the SENCo and key person and reviewed on a regular basis. Children’s learning is monitored and recorded in line with all seven areas of the EYFS. Children’s language is monitored to ensure we provide a language rich environment. 

How are parents involved in the setting/school/college? How can I be involved?

Woodcot Community Preschool is registered charity that relies on the support of parents/carers to sit on their committee.

Woodcot pre-school strives to encourage parental/carer involvement in all areas of the pre-school and your child’s learning. We share learning journeys and achievements in their learning journeys which are shared with the parents termly. Woodcot Community Pre-school runs many events that can link with the school, we provide opportunities for (newsletter, emails) stay and Play sessions for mum and dad, library time with the school librarian. We offer an open door policy where parents/carers can be involved in all aspects of the day to day running of the pre-school. Resources will be sought that reflect individual learning and interests. Questionnaires are circulated.

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