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Fernlea Pre-School

Offering services to:
  • Children 0-5
Supporting people with:
  • Education, training and development
Carescheme type:
  • Pre-School Playgroup

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0127636836 0127636836

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Fernhill School & Language College
Neville Duke Road

GU14 9BY

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Age Ranges
0 to 5 years

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Offers 3 & 4 year old funded places
Offers 2 year old funded places

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Monday 07:45 16:45
Tuesday 07:45 16:45
Wednesday 07:45 16:45
Thursday 07:45 16:45
Friday 07:45 15:30

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How will early Year Setting Support My child? 

At Fernlea Preschool  our setting identify if children may need extra help by:- 

. Concerns raised by the Parents/ Carers 

. Liase with external agencies e.g Health Visitor, SALT, etc 

. Development Checks / observations  completed by the child’s Keyworker 

If a parent has any concerns that they would like to raise with the Preschool then we have an open door policy where the parent can speak to the relevant person.  

Fernlea preschool also holds a New Parents meeting, where the Parents can come and meet the staff and ask any questions they may have. The Keyworker and Senco will then work closely with the family to meet the needs of the child. 

Fernlea staff will support the child by:- 

.The Senco and the Key Carer will plan and oversee ( or have an input to a plan if outside agencies are involved) 

.The Senco /Keycarer will explain any forms or plans etc with the parent. 

.Fernlea will continue communication with outside agencies , update staff training and update paperwork. Forms are continuously updated to ensure its provisions for children with SEN needs are effective. 

How will the setting meet my child’s needs? 

Fernlea Preschool meets the child’s needs by:- 

. Individual Educational Plans for every child 

. Assessment and observations on every child 

. Evidence will be located on Tapestry ( child’s learning Journal) which is accessed by parents and to which they can put on contributions from home. 

. Every child is unique and activities are planned around their interests and capabilities so that each child is able to participate, learn and progress at their own speed. 

Fernlea Pride our self with our positive relationships with our parents. Staff at Fernlea will know how your child is progressing by: 

. Following the EYFS stepping stones 

. IEPs ( which parents agree to and sign and have an imput) 

. Fernlea have an open door policy to see Senco, Keyworker etc at any time. 

. Parents are ask for an input on their child’s interests to help us with our planning. 

. Parents are able to participate in courses that may be held e.g Speech and Language.  

What support will be provided for my child to support their overall wellbeing? 

Fernlea is an inclusive Preschool 

. All staff are caring, understanding professionals who believe that “ Every Child Matters” 

Managing medicines 

. Parents will fill out a medical form to enable staff ( first aid trained ) to administer prescribed medicines. 

. Staff will undertake any other pacific medical training if required whilst the child is in our care. 

What support is there for Behaviour, avoiding Exclusion and increasing attendance? 

. Fernlea have a positive approach to all types of behaviour. 

. ABCC charts are carried out to see if there are any particular reasons for any unwanted behaviour or to see if there is any particular pattern forming.  

What specailist services are available? 

. Fernlea have a speech and Language group for children to attend during their sessions if needed. 

Fernlea access support from SALT, Portage, etc and have regular contact with the Area incos. 


Staff at Fernlea attend regular training. These trainings include Speech and Language, Behaviour, Birth to 4, Safe guarding, First Aid,  Makaton, ITMP etc 

Will my child be included in activities outside of the settings- including trips? 

At Fernlea all children are included in outside activities and trips. 

. Parents are given the option to come along if the wish to. 

. 1:1 support is given if needed. 

. All Parents are notified of outings / activities. They are required to fill out a permission form and fill out contact details if they are not attending. 

. Risk assessments are carried out before the outing/ activities  and if not suitable for all needs then another venue will be chosen. 

How accessible is the setting? 

. Fernlea Preschool is fully wheelchair accessible. We have no steps leading in or out of our setting. 

. There is a disabled parking space in the grounds of the comprehensive school for blue badge holders. 

. A disabled toilet is available which includes a baby changing station. The Toilet is accessible for a wheelchair user. 

. All the setting is on one level  ( including the garden area). 

How will the setting support my child to join the setting, or transfer to a new school? 

. Fernlea invite the parents to come in so they can have a look around the setting and ask any questions.  

. Taster session for the child before they start. 

.Transition meetings with Parents / therapists / any outside agencies/ preschool or schools 

Therapists to come into the setting and give any extra training/ support that may be needed. 

Home visits before the child starts so that we can meet the children in their own surroundings. 

How will resources be allocated and matched to the child’s SEN needs? 

. Fernlea will ensure that all children with SEN needs are met to the best of our ability with the funds available. 

. Parents/children’s views and thoughts are asked when necessary about the choice of equipment that may be purchased.  

How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child may receive? 

.The Senco / area inco with the keyworker will decide what type of support and how much as every child is different. This will be discussed with the parents also. 

. All children will have IEPs which are regularly updated and all parents are involved with these 

. Fernlea will know if the support in place has had an impact on the child by reviewing the targets set regularly. 

. Through observation and tracking and Ages and stages development. 

Contact Name
Karen Cutler
Contact Telephone
01276 36836
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Local Offer Age Bands
Early Years (0-4 years)
Offering services to:
  • Children 0-5
Supporting people with:
  • Education, training and development
Carescheme type:
  • Pre-School Playgroup


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