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First Steps

The First Steps programme includes 6 AQA unit award modules which help young people develop key life skills and increase the ability to make informed choices.

The full programme can be purchased, or modules purchased individually. Expected learning time for each unit is up to 4 hours.

Modules delivered:

Healthy Eating

The student will develop an understanding of the importance of a healthy diet and will consider their own diet in relation to nutritional recommendations. They will prepare a healthy dish within a limited budget.

Food Hygiene

The student will gain awareness of the need for hygiene and will learn the primary causes of food poisoning in a food environment and how this can be prevented.

Personal Health

The student will consider the health and social consequences of not following personal hygiene routines. They will learn about harmful micro organisms and ways to ensure they do not spread disease.

Self Esteem and Confidence

The student will study how personal levels of self-esteem can have an impact on health and wellbeing. They will analyse the factors that contribute to a definition of self-esteem and will identify a range of personal qualities.

Sexual Health

The student will learn about sexually transmitted infections and how to minimise risk. They will learn about different types of contraception and how to use them safely.

Money Management

The student will be introduced to the basic concepts of money management needed for independent living through the completion of practical exercises.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Anni Bury, Foyer Manager, 02392 480425
Contact Position
Foyer Manager
02392 480425
Parent Organisation
Step By Step

Where to go

36 Crimea Road
GU11 1UD

Other Details


£147.88 per pupil per day, individual support (Or £22.75 per hour £ a single unit is approximately 2 hours learning); £1164.80 for 8 YP over 6.5 hours of learning time. 5% discounted on groups of 2/3 10% discounted on groups of 4/5 15% discounted on groups of 6/7 20% discounted on groups of 8. Transport can be provided by arrangement
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