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Chambers Sarah Jane - Childminder - EY481674

Offering services to:
  • Children 0-5
  • Primary school aged children
Carescheme type:
  • Childminder
A warm and welcoming environment for children to learn and grow. We have lots of outdoor access for children at home or at the park, regular outings to soft play and lots of messy play. Lots of resources for all ages to explore.

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07964 012493 07964 012493

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Age Ranges
5 to 8 years
0 to 5 years

Inclusion Information

Special Needs provision
Special Needs Experience
Challenging Behaviour
Language impairment
Caters for children with special needs.

Childcare Information

Funded Places

Offers 3 & 4 year old funded places
Offers 2 year old funded places

Opening Times & Facilities

Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 08:00 18:00
Tuesday 08:00 18:00
Wednesday 08:00 18:00
Thursday 08:00 18:00
Friday 08:00 18:00
Car Parking
Messy Play Area
Outdoor Play

School Pickups

Does offer school pickups

Sopley Primary School

Local Offer

How will early years setting/school/college staff support my child/young person?

Before starting at my setting I like to meet with the parents or carers to discuss the child's individual needs. This may include home life/routine, interests, culture and language. This gives the child a chance to explore my setting freely with the reassurance that a parent or carer is close by. I offer settling in sessions to help build the child's confidence and to help them feel secure in my setting both emotionally and physically. I offer reassurance and inform parents or carers of their child's progress, daily activities and general well-being.

How will the curriculum be matched to my child's/young person's needs?

My planning is done around a particular theme which is changed monthly. I provide activities,crafts and outings for your child to learn within the area of need and I use the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum as a guide for the childrens development. The planning is done for 'chlild led' activities giving them a chance to explore,play and learn in a rich environment with support when it is needed or wanted. One to one support can be provided. Observations are regularly taken which then helps me identify areas of development that need to be focused on. This also helps me plan and identify next steps.

How will both you and I know how my child/young person is doing and how will you help me to support my child's/young person's learning?

All children's individual needs are catered for. I observe them during play and evaluate these in order to take their learning forward. Any concerns are shared and discussed with parents on regular basis. If a child is not making progress I can seek additional support from my local authority designated officer or other professionals with permission from the child's parents. I have a range of resources within my setting which your child can access. They are all age related or support developmental stages. I am always buying more resources for the children to enjoy.

What support will there be for my child's/young person's overall well being?

I am responsible for ensuring your child feels safe and secure within my setting when starting and later throughout the transition to pre-school and school. My setting is risk assessed for safety on a daily basis. All toys are cleaned and checked on a regular basis. Any broken toys or parts are replaced when necessary. I have house rules in place and these are explained to all children in an age appropriate way and shared with the parents or carers when your child starts at my setting. I am trained in paediatric first aid and this is updated every 3 years. All medication is stored appropriately and out of reach of children. I keep a record of any medication provided by parents and record the dosage and time given. I have parents sign to give me permission to administer the medicine and then again to acknowledge the time and dose given. I and any other adults in the house over the age of 16 are DNS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked. I regularly update my safeguarding training. All of my policies and procedures are given to parents to read before signing contracts and any questions discussed. I only take photos if parents have signed giving me consent to do so. General outings are given permission for when signing contracts and first starting in my setting and parents or carers are made aware of any special outings planned as and when this happens.

What specialist services and expertise are avaliable at or accessed by the setting/school/college?

do not currently have any specialist training but can access further help and support from my local authority or seek advice from other professionals.

What training have the staff supporting children and young people with SEND had? Are any being trained currently?

I am first aid trained and have a level 3 in safeguarding. I am always happy to work closely with parents or carers to support children with additional needs.

How will my child/young person be included in activities outside this classroom including school trips?

>All activities and outings are all planned with each child in mind. I always consider what children I have on particular days and risk assess the places we will visit making sure it is pushchair friendly and accessible to all; and a place where all the children, no matter what their age, can have fun and explore. Indoor activities are focused around a monthly theme and the children are encouraged to try having a go at everything we do. I always talk to parents about outings and activities and welcome/value their feedback.

How accessible is the setting/school/college enviroment?

I work from my home in a semi detached house. Both front and back entrances are fully accessible and I have slightly wider door ways as the house was built with wheelchair users in mind. I use the whole of my downstairs for childminding and have downstairs toilet facilities. I have a secure rear garden which we use most days and I am close to local parks and the town centre which we also visit. I do school runs daily and we walk or use my car. I also have a car which is used daily for further afield outings.

How will the setting/school/college prepare and support my child/young person to join the setting/school/college or the next stage of education and life?

I ask new families to attend settling in sessions before starting contracted hours and days so your child can meet me and my family and also the other children that attend my setting. This way we can all make sure your child is happy and settled before you leave them for the first time. Moving onto primary school, transitions are supported in the same way. Most teachers will visit your child in your home and I welcome them to do the same by visiting my setting also. Before starting school children are able to visit their school on a few occasions to help settle them into school life.

How are the setting's/school's/college's resources allocated and matched to children's/young people's special educational needs?

I provide Government funded early years education place for eligible 2 year olds and all 3 & 4 year olds. Additional funding can be claimed for children 'in need' and for children with special educational needs (SEN).

How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child/young person will receive?

I will observe your child and make my decision on whether your child needs additional support using your child's 2 year check for additional information. This would be discussed with parents or carers and then my local authority designated officer and go from there. I also use a tracker document where I can make sure your child is meeting developmental targets and it also helps me to identify any gaps in their progress which I can then work on with them.

How are parents involved in the setting/school/college? How can I be involved?

Parents are welcomed into my home everyday upon dropping off or collecting their child and we talk about what we have been doing and plans for activities the following days or week. I discuss their child's progress with them and encourage them to log in online to view their child's progress tracker. I ask the parents and children what they have been up to at home and encourage parents to share their ideas with me for activities. I ask parents about things their child can and can't do to help fill in their progress tracker and fill in any missing gaps I may have. Parents all know they are very welcome to come in and have a chat anytime and I feel I have a very good relationship with every parent I work with.

Offering services to:
  • Children 0-5
  • Primary school aged children
Carescheme type:
  • Childminder


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Last Updated: 25 July 2023

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