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CornLoft Creative and Therapeutic Art studio and Consultancy. Est 1994

A private confidential referral resource for Parents, children, teenagers, adults and families. Established in 1994

Links with all private, public and voluntary sectors.  Health and wellbeing, continuity, communication, therapeutic support, understanding complexity.

Covers educational difficulties, emotional and behavioural issues, mental health problems, special educational needs, prevention and maintanence, exclusion, emotional and behavioural issues, anxiety, Mental health problems, social and communication issues, self harm, addiction, physical and sensory disability, relationship and family support and grief.

In school and at at the studio pending funding. Looked After Children, Fostering and Adoption, child and family support.  Staff supervision.

Explicit art and design, expressions and communication and implicit listening and conversations. One to one with family or staff present.

The work does not conflict with other ongoing support, can be integrated or remain as an alternative resource for educational social and health needs.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Jeffrey Walker.
Contact Position
Practitioner Creative and Therapeutic Art support.

Working with children, teenagers, adults, families and staff.

Health and wellbeing, continuity, communication, understanding complexity

Confidence, self esteem, expression, support, engagement, continuity.

Private referral, Parents, Schools, Education departments, Social Care, SEN, Fostering and Adoption, Businesses and Charities throughout the South.

Emotional and behavioural difficulties, EHCP, LAC, Y.O. Special educational needs, mental health, educational difficulties, trauma, addiction, loss, bereavement, anxiety, interpersonal relationships.

 Staff supervision or training can be arranged. 

For more information or to discuss a potential referral please contact Jeff walker on 07714182071 or email

The Cornloft Art Studio is a private confidential, independent resource, registered with Hampshire County Council, as an alternative provision for emotional health and wellbeing services.

Founded in 1994 the Cornloft is a small painting and pottery studio built in what used to be a 19th century corn store, situated in Stockbridge, Hampshire, just off the High Street and is surrounded by a working farm. It is a safe and supportive environment with a relaxed friendly atmosphere in easy reach of the shops and the countryside of the Test Valley.

Jeff Walker runs the studio and is a Creative and Therapeutic arts tutor/practitioner has over 23 years experience of working with children, teenagers, families and groups as part of on-going therapeutic support. The referrals received mainly relate to requests for help with a variety of psychological, emotional, behavioural and contextual problems for individuals who may refuse to see people formally labelled as health, social or educational professionals, therapists or counsellors.

The work I do explicitly involves the use of art and design materials and processes, however implicit to my work is engagement and trust geared to working through past experiences, present circumstances and future aspirations.

I use creative art activities together with conversational and listening approaches.

The main benefit of referring to the studio is that people do not feel labelled, but instead can develop a trusting relationship whilst participating in a creative activity. The work becomes therapeutic but they see themselves as attending in order to fulfil artistic or creative needs.

The ultimate aim is to help children; teenagers and adults to gain confidence and self-esteem, improve relationships and social skills and increase their self respect so that they can once more find a place in their community.


Parking available, disabled access and toilet.

Sessions are arranged, either for an hour or usually and an hour and a half, weekly and invoiced monthly.


Jeff Walker. BA(Hons)FRSA.  Creative and Therapeutic Arts Tutor/Practitioner.

The Cornloft Art Studio, Windover Farm, Longstock, Hampshire SO206DJ

Telephone:  07714182071


GDPR privacy policy and referral document available on request.

Where to go

Cornloft Art Studio
Windover Farm
SO20 6DJ

Parking available. Private.

A safe supportive environment, just off the Stockbridge high street. 

Weekly Sessions booked at your convenience, one or one and half hours, monthly. Reports written at your request after discussion.

Call me to access suitability and availability.

Wheelchair access, Accessible toilets

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday to Friday / possible Sat. Times to be confirmed. flexible
Time of day
Session Information
One hour or one and a half dependent on requirements

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£65.00 per hour
Invoiced monthly at the beginning after booking and first meeting, payment due after completion. Bacs payment or cheque accepted.


Referral required
Referral Details

After meeting to discuss matters, a referral form is sent for contextual information.

The details can be discussed when completed returned to sender. 

Other notes

Our philosophy

Creative arts are an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Creative thinking and doing can be a helpful way of breaking out of old habits and out dated beliefs.

Art is a way of transforming life and transcending a limited view of self.

Innate individuality, character, identity and personality, surfaces when given the space and freedom to explore, express, process and evaluate content and experience.

Creativity means doing something different – experimenting with new possibilities and enabling change.

Producing Art promotes possibilities for sharing thoughts and feelings, possessing a socially contributing role.

The creative process is in itself therapeutic – promoting self confidence and self worth, raising self esteem and self value.

Artistic activities divert the mind and raise the mood – leading to emotional contentment and physical relaxation.

Creativity provides the environment for learning to give and receive praise, or criticism and for the sharing of ideas, feelings and personal concerns.

Creativity is a doing process, possessing the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships and to create through self awareness a new more meaningful relationship.

Therapy is doing something different – experimenting with new possibilities for change.

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