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We work in communities across the UK supporting children and young people with acquired brain injuries, and their families.

Specialist services are particularly effective in supporting children who may have made a good physical recovery after an accident or illness and are expected to make a successful return to mainstream school, but are left with ‘hidden’ difficulties that can seriously affect their home and school life.

These difficulties can include:

  • learning new information;
  • concentration and memory;
  • understanding and using language effectively;
  • developing independence skills appropriate to their age;
  • making and keeping friends;
  • staying safe;
  • controlling emotions and impulses;
  • managing fatigue and getting enough sleep.

Our Brain Injury Community Service supports children and young people who:

  • have a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of an acquired
  • brain injury, either recently or some years ago;
  • are medically stable;
  • are 18 years and under at the time of referral; and
  • are registered with a UK GP.

These children and young people no longer require intensive therapy but would benefit from some level of therapeutic support.

Through our specialist multidisciplinary team we are able to support these children by providing advice, support and rehabilitation delivered at home, in school, or a combination of both. With a member of our community service based in four of the UK’s major hospitals, and a dedicated multidisciplinary team based at our national specialist centre in Surrey, we are able to support children from right across the UK.

Anybody can refer a child who has a suspected or confirmed acquired brain injury, including concussion, into the service and we can provide clinical screening, advice, brain injury education and onward referral completely free of charge.

For some children, this may be sufficient and no further support will be required. If additional specialist support is needed and this isn’t available locally, there are a number of assessments and rehabilitation packages we can offer. Delivered by our multidisciplinary community team, we will work to secure funding for these packages on the family’s behalf.

Who to contact

Contact Name
The Brain Injury Community Service
01737 365 864

The Children’s Trust provides rehabilitation, medical care, specialist education, community services and expert information through skilled teams who with children and young people, and their families from across the UK.

Our key services include:

  • neurorehabilitation;
  • step-down medical and nursing care from hospital to home;
  • specialist education, therapy, health and care services;
  • specialist assessment and clinical support in the community;
  • short breaks (respite);
  • online information and support.

Neurorehabilitation programmes at The Children’s Trust are flexible and adapt to the needs of each child. We are one of the only paediatric facilities in the country outside of an acute hospital setting that can provide the most complex rehabilitation in the UK and our national specialist centre is the largest of its kind. We are also the UK’s only dedicated paediatric neurorehabilitation provider with a national specialised commissioning contract to deliver brain injury rehabilitation in conjunction with NHS England. This means that funding flows automatically for children and young people who meet the criteria. Where NHS England does not fund placements, we have a dedicated team who work with commissioners and other parties to secure funding.


Our residential short breaks offer flexible, nurse-led care for children and young people between the ages of 0-18. The service is for those with complex disabilities and health needs, who may be vulnerable to acute changes in health which necessitate 24-hour care, and whose complex needs require care overseen by a nurse.

The Children’s Trust School is a non-maintained special school supporting children and young people with a wide range of special educational needs including neurodisability, complex medical needs and learning difficulties aged 2-19. We offer specialist education, health, therapy and care services through both day and residential placements, working in partnership with families and carers. Co-located in the beautiful 24-acre site of The Children’s Trust’s national specialist centre in Tadworth, Surrey, we also offer a specialist nursery and parent and child support group.

Our residential short breaks offer flexible and nurse-led care for children and young people between the ages of 0 to 18. We also offer holiday schemes and Saturday clubs for children from Surrey with complex needs.

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The Children's Trust
Tadworth Court
KT20 5RU

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Open 24/7 all year long
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