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MyTutor: Online 1:1 Tuition

MyTutor is an award-winning school and university partner. We pioneer the UK's most successful one-to-one online intervention programmes, where pupils are individually matched with exceptional tutors studying at the UK's leading universities.

Last year, we provided tuition in 60 subjects for over 100 education institutions across the UK, including the University of Birmingham

Lessons can be arranged at any time throughout the day, after school, or at the weekends, and are delivered live in our fun and engaging interactive online lesson space.

We believe that one-to-one learning should complement your existing teaching. Our programmes are:

  1. Personalised: We use assessment data to provide every pupil with a unique progress plan
  2. High Impact: Last year, pupils who received over a term of tuition with MyTutor made 1.2 grades' additional progress compared to a control group
  3. Flexible: You decide the level of support, and we work around your timetable and resources
  4. Collaborative: Track your pupils' progress in a clear online dashboard with reports after every lesson
  5. Cost-effective: Prices begin at just £18 per hour

Who to contact

020 3773 6020
MyTutor Homepage

Where to go


All tuition is conducted online, so that pupils can receive tuition in any location which they choose, including in school or at home. All pupils require is a computer with access to the internet. 

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Tuition is available 7 days per week from 7am-10pm
Time of day

Other Details


Other notes

MyTutor's online platform means that we can connect pupils with the best tutors in the UK, regardless of their location. 

Local Offer

Local Offer
What does your service do?

MyTutor provides online, one-to-one tuition for school pupils. 

Who does your service provide for?

Our provision supports pupils across key stages 3, 4 and 5 in over 60 subjects. Teachers find that tuition is effective for:

  • Pupil Premium cohorts
  • Low progress 8 scores
  • Gifted & Talented
  • Understaffed departments
  • Looked after children
  • Alternative provisions
  • Secondary transition
How can I start using the service?

Contact our Education Partnerships Coordinator, Angela Newton, either by email (, or by phone (020 3773 6020). 

Where is it located and what areas does it cover?

MyTutor's central offices are located on 15 Bonhill Street, London, EC2P 2EA. Because all tuition is conducted online, MyTutor can offer its services throughout the UK, regardless of location. 

Is your service fully accessible?

To use MyTutor, pupils must have access to a computer and a reasonably fast internet connection.

Tuition is conducted using our specially-designed online lesson space. Pupils chat with their tutor via live video, and they also access a shared interactive online whiteboard, where they can upload resources such as essays, past papers, diagrams and mark schemes to go through with their tutor. 

How will I know my child is safe?


  • Our platform is carefully designed so that all interactions between pupils and tutors are recorded and limited to the platform itself
  • Neither the tutor or the student can access any information about the other apart from their first name and the first initial of their surname. School, surname, address, phone number, email address, and all other personal information is kept private.
  • All tutorials are recorded, so any incidents where student or tutor might attempt to share contact information can be recorded and followed up on.
  • Parents can view all messages that are sent between tutor and student
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