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Fareshare's Mobile Food Larder

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The Food Larder is a community larder run by volunteers for the benefit of their local community. It is a membership scheme aimed at helping people make their money go further by reducing food shopping bills (members can make a considerable saving each year).

A bag will be prepared in advance, and the Food Larder strives to offer a variety of products which can top up their cupboards and fridge. It is estimated that the “bag” will hold an average of £10-£15 worth of products (dependent on household size). A typical bag can include some of these items: Pasta, rice, coffee, tea bags, tinned meats, tinned fish, tinned desserts, soups.

The Food Larder van is in regular locations, at the same day and time each week. A Fareshare Van will arrive at the location and volunteers will serve customers on a first come, first served basis.

Venue Day Time

Marchwood Village Hall
SO40 4SX

Monday 12.30-2PM
Ashley Hub
Baptist Church, New Milton
BH25 5AA
Tuesday 9.30-11AM
St Anne's Community Centre
SO45 3QR
Tuesday 12.30-2PM
Testwood Baptist Church
SO40 3LZ
Wednesday 9.30-11AM
St Mark's Community Hall
SO41 8GN
Thursday 1-2.30PM
Queen Elizabeth Recreation Centre
SO45 1YP
Thursday 9.30-11AM
St George's Hall,
SO45 1BN
Thursday 12.30-2PM
Leisure Centre
BH24 1PX
Friday 1.30-3PM

Who to contact


Other Details


Memberships vary and are dependant on the size of the household. • Single person £2.50 per week - 10 products per week, plus fruit and vegetables • 2 Person household £3.50 per week - 15 items, plus fruit and vegetables • 4 Person household £5.00 per week - 25 items, plus fruit and vegetables


Referral Details

To apply for membership, a Fareshare application form needs to be completed and proof of ID and address needs to be provided.

Applications forms can be requested by emailing, or as a client you can provide a form, or they can fill out a registration form at any Food Larder there and then, and pay and collect their food at the same time. Forms need to be returned to FareShare Southern central, Unit 1 Sunset Business Park, Totton, SO40 3WX. FareShare will contact the client when they can start using the Food Larder. All details given by the client is held by FareShare and not shared with third parties.

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