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NSPCC Southampton Service Centre

• Domestic Abuse, Recovering Together (DART)
Helping mums and children strengthen their relationship after domestic abuse.
• Steps 2 Safety (S2S)
Steps to Safety is a new programme, designed by the NSPCC to provide an evidence informed intervention to families living with domestic abuse.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Duty Worker
02382 023 400

Where to go

N S P C C, 21
The Avenue
SO17 1XL

Other Details


Referral Details

 Domestic Abuse: Recovering Together’ (DART) service
• Families should give their consent for the referral
• Between 4 – 8 assessment sessions
• 10 weeks of linked group work programme for mothers and children
• Each group work session will last 2 hours
• Aged between 7 – 14 years
• Witnessed domestic abuse
• Impact of domestic abuse evident through assessment
• Perpetrator no longer part of household
• Only one sibling per family to attend the group
Steps to Safety (S2S)
• Families should give their consent for the referral
• Families must be couples who: are either expecting a child (in their 3rd trimester), or have a child under five years old / are both co-parenting or will be co-parenting and are in a relationship / want to learn to improve their relationship, which have and are currently experiencing low level* domestic abuse but are committed and want to change their behaviours. (*Please call us on 02382 023 400 to speak to a duty worker if you are unsure if your referral is low level)
• We meet with parents for 90 minutes each week, for 26 weeks.
• The programme focuses on regulating emotions. A core way of achieving this is by teaching families about mindfulness. Evidence suggests that this can help regulate anxiety, stress, and aggression.
• This service is not designed for families where there is extreme violence, coercive control, or persistent, purposeful behaviour aimed at dominating a partner or child.

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