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Big Discoveries Nursery

Day nursery

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Kirsty Bavister and Beejal Mistry
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Portchester Community Centre
Westlands Grove
PO16 9AD

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Funded Places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding
Registered to provide 30 hours entitlement

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31/01/2019Inspection (Early Years Register)Good

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Cultural and Spec. Diet. Needs,Relig. and Cultural Awareness



Age Ranges
5 to 8 years, 0 to 5 years

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4 Hours or More Per Day
45 Weeks or More Per Year
5 Days or More Per Week
All year round
Weekday All Day

Local Offer

Local Offer

We are an inclusive nursery taking children from the ages of 0-5 years.

Contact Name
Kirsty Bavister and Beejal Mistry
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How does the setting/school/college know if children/young people need extra help and what should I do if I think my child/young person may have special educational needs?

We believe that all children are individuals and by offering the opportunity to learn through play, supported by experienced staff who understand stages of child development we are able to identify children that may need extra help.  We provide interventions to support a child’s individual need in whatever area this may be.

We work in partnership with parents and carers and believe they know their children best. If you are concerned about your child’s development, then a conversation with your child’s key person when they are in nursery or before they start, will identify the correct support your child may need. It is important to discuss your child’s Special Educational Needs and/or Disability (SEND) and to determine our ability to meet those needs. We ask parents to complete a development assessment on their child to help identify if a child may need extra support.

How will early years setting/school/college staff support my child/young person?
  • We have 2 named Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCos) that provide support to all staff to meet the needs of your child.
  • We will devise an individual plan for children that require additional help, supported by in-house interventions.
  • Your child’s key person is responsible for your child’s Learning Journey.
  • The SENCos have access to an extensive range of resources, both in-house and out-sourced support materials and equipment.
  • We are committed to engaging with all specialist services and professionals working to support the individual needs of your child.
How will the curriculum be matched to my child's/young person's needs?

Big Discoveries Nursery is an inclusive nursery. Our curriculum covers the three Prime and four Specific learning areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). It is delivered through a balance of child initiated and adult led activities, set in a stimulating, fun, and enabling environment.

  • Our continuous provision is differentiated: resources are provided that match the developmental needs of the children attending and facilitate the development of learning.
  • Your child’s key person will plan for your child, ensuring needs are met and next steps identified and planned for, through observation and assessment.
  • Interventions are introduced or devised to meet the specific needs of individual children.  Some examples of this is Sign language, visual timetable and language activities.
  • Focus Activities led by adults draw on the children’s interests and are designed to develop the children’s skills.
How will both you and I know how my child/young person is doing and how will you help me to support my child's/young person's learning?

We have an “open door” policy so parents are able to come and discuss anything about their child’s development.  Key workers share progress, concerns and what children have done on a daily basis.  Children’s progress is also shared through our online journals at regular intervals.

What support will there be for my child's/young person's overall well being?

Your child’s day will be adapted based on their learning need, whether this be through change of the physical environment layout, additional activities or supportive interventions. More importantly, we want all children to be happy here are Big Discoveries Nursery and support children to:

  • Separate from parents using different strategies that work for them.
  • Support quieter children to develop confidence to speak up in groups.
  • Discuss our feelings and how to support children in effectively expressing their wants and needs.
  • Weekly yoga session with mindfulness.
  • Be independent in all areas of their nursery life.
  • Having a voice in the nursery.
  • Provide parents support with any difficulties they may have at home with their child.
What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the setting/school/college?

We work closely with our Area Inclusion Co-ordinator (INCO), Speech and Language Therapists, portage, health visitors, health specialists, specialist teachers, occupational therapists and Family Support Service to identify needs and implement targets for children.

What training have the staff supporting children and young people with SEND had? Are any being trained currently?

Staff have had training on:

  • British Sign Language
  • Makaton
  • Bucket Therapy
  • Visual timetables
  • Language and communication support
  • Speech and Language support
How will my child/young person be included in activities outside this classroom including school trips?

Big Discoveries Nursery is a free flow setting and all children have access to the outside area during the day.

  • There is wheelchair access to our outdoor area. All children are given to the outdoor space and adaptations will be made so all children can access activities
  • A risk assessment is carried out prior to any local activity and any additional needs discussed with parents prior to the outing. We ensure that and additional equipment and medicine bags are taken, as necessary.
How accessible is the setting/school/college environment?

The inside space is flat and accessible to all children. There is wheelchair access to all areas of the nursery. The furniture is child height with different heights and styles of chairs. The toilets are child height and additional steps provided. All sinks are accessible to the children.

How will the setting/school/college prepare and support my child/young person to join the setting/school/college or the next stage of education and life?
  • All new children have settling-in sessions that are tailored to their need.
  • We liaise closely with schools in preparation for transition. Schools are strongly encouraged to come and visit their new children and speak to the key person/manager/SENCo. A summary of each child’s developmental progress, along with additional information on children are passed on to the school.
  • Where a child has special and/or complex needs, a Transition Partnership  Agreement (TPA) will be used at the transition meeting with the school and parents.
  • Where a child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), we will ensure that all relevant information is shared with the new school and staff will be invited to visit the child as often as is considered necessary. They will have access to enable them to get to know the child and to understand current strategies and approaches that could be used to ensure a smooth transition.
How are the setting's/school's/college's resources allocated and matched to children's/young people's special educational needs?

Many needs can be catered for in-house with little or existing resources. For those whose needs are more complex, additional funding will be sought to support the child. The best use of additional funding will be discussed and agreed with parents.

How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child/young person will receive?

Many needs can be catered for in-house with little or existing resources. An assessment of the child’s needs will determine if additional funding is required if we are unable to cater for that child with our existing resources or staffing levels.

How are parents involved in the setting/school/college? How can I be involved?

Parents know their child best. We value parents view on their child’s development. We have an “open door” policy and parents discuss any concerns they have on a daily basis. We work closely with parents regarding their child’s needs and development.

Parents are welcome to come and join their child in play during our parent stay and play sessions.

Parents are also encouraged to contribute to their child’s learning journey through our online app.

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