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Supporting Your Family’s Positive Wellbeing at home: Back to Basics

“Back to Basics” looks at the environment, routines, strengths as parents/carers and support networks already available in the community. The approach aims to create and build resilience by empowering families through reflective conversations.

Families are encouraged to reflect on the home environment based on the five areas of wellbeing:

  • Connecting
  • Being active
  • Keep learning
  • Giving
  • Taking Notice

By encouraging reflection on the home environment in the first instance, the approach offers families the opportunity to try strategies and activities that are known to improve wellbeing. Many resources and tools have been created to aid this and can be found on the website. Back to Basics online platform

For more information on the Five ways of Wellbeing , please look here: Five ways to Wellbeing | Health and social care | Hampshire County Council (


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Page last reviewed: 30/10/2023

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